Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Waiting to Exhale? Ummm....

Why I choose to stay single is my choice and nobody's business and I wish people would just let me be.
I wish people around me would STOP playing the matchmaker, faking concern, raising eyebrows and jumping to conclusions.
Take yesterday, for instance. I went to my cousin sister's ring ceremony a hundred and fifty kilometres from here, thinking I'd have a good time meeting relatives I hadn't seen in quite some time and just enjoying the occasion.
But they all collectively made me feel like a lab rat under a microscope.
My parents were bombarded with questions like "Have you started looking for a suitable boy for her? So when do plan to marry her? Should we help you in looking for a suitable match?"
And if that wasn't enough (because my mom cleverly dodged all questions and directed them at me) they began asking me....telling me that I should not let my professional aspirations delay my wedding.
I just wanted to quote "I think- Therefore I'm single".... but I didn't because I honestly don't think they would have understood .
I love each one of them dearly, they are wonderful people.
But they get on my nerves when they start talking of my oh-so-elusive marriage plans.

It's not that I've taken a solemn oath to not tie the knot.
It's just that right now, there are things that take higher priority.
And I still believe that to get along in a romantic relationship, I'll have to act brain-dead and I'm not willing to do that.
I'm opinionated and can reason well. And I will not compromise on my intellect for love.
And I'm certain someday I'll meet a man who's man enough to let his opinions be challenged, carry on a stimulating conversation and look good enough.
And then I can tell them what they want to hear.
Till then, i'd rather concentrate my efforts on things that matter more.

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  1. I say chaps, its indeed a very tough world for people like us...