Sunday, December 28, 2008

"You know how people long to be eternal. But they die with every day that passes. When you meet them, they are not what you met last. In any given hour, they kill some part of themselves. They change, they deny, they contradict - and they call it growth. At the end, there's nothing left, nothing unreversed or unbetrayed, as if there had never been an entity, only a succession of adjectives fading in and out on an unformed mass. How do they expect a permanance which they never held for a single moment?"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Passion and Prejudice

So here are the two sides of the coin..

Side 1:

Always be on your guard. Do not serve all your feelings on a silver platter for the world to kick away. It's better to be careful than to be disappointed. Believe in retribution. Do unto others what they do to u (grammatical shit). Never initiate anything that might backfire. Think before you speak. Think again befor you act. Think yet again before u laugh.

Side 2:

Be yourself. Just yourself.

I think I'll stick to the second side. I'll continue being the impetuous, irresponsible 17 year old who refuses to grow up. I cannot kill my passion for life. I guess I'll just have to wait till life kills me.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Terror Strikes!

Here we go again. Trying to make sense out of what happened. Trying to look at the bigger picture. But as they say, you cannot see the forest for the trees. Why place the blame on the politicians? We are the ones who elected them...
Each time there is a terror strike, there are a hundred fingers that point in every direction possible...while there are scores of hundreds that will never see the beauty of the morning sun again.
We feel angry. Insecure. Terrified. Helpless. Determined to do our part.
And what do we really do?
Talk about it over coffee and then forget something like this happened...till the next time terror strikes.
We say we'll stand up against terrorism. But do we know how?
We say kill the terrorists, make the politicians resign.
But how many of us are willing to leave the sanctity of our homes, jobs and families to join the NSG or the defense forces ?
What did u say? You aren't fit enough??
Ollie Krata...join politics instead..
It's a dirty job? You don't want to get your hands soiled? You'll never survive there? You don't know how to get there? You need the right references?
We have the questions..we need the answers.
If you don't have any, don't insult the ones who gave up their lives by talking about them just to while away your time.

I have made my decision. I know the answers to the questions that haunt me.
And I will do my part. I swear.