Thursday, October 9, 2008


My wounds are deep
Lay down your gun
My spirit is weak
Tell them you've won

My eyes see nothing
As you unleash your wrath
My skin is burnt
My insides slowly rot

Take what is mine
You need it more than me
I stole it too
And left someone in misery

Clean up a bit
They'll be soon on your chase
The stink of my corpse
Won't get you any praise

But before you leave
Help me to my desk
Let me write my epitaph
I don't want a "In peace you rest"


You're a crazy woman
Don't you see you've been shot
Of course I'll take whats yours
Why else would I have fought

Don't bother writing an epitaph
I have something better in mind
I'll carve it on your back
You've got a nice behind

Now don't act motherly
I know when to clean up
You best be thinking pleasant thoughts
You're gonna die, tough luck!

Well I'll be on my way now
But before that let me tell
What your epitaph says
It reads "I belong in hell"

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