Thursday, October 9, 2008


There's a storm coming.
Its going to change your life, its going to change you.
All you have is this moment.
And there is nothing you'd rather do. No-one you'd rather be with.
Sleep? Its for the dead.
Life? Its all in this one moment.
Passion? Its a distant memory.
Perception? It doesen't matter as much as you thought it would.
So when the storm comes, you'll still be unprepared. You'll still be blown away.
And so will the rest of them.
Because its meant to be that way.
There'll be a dark night, and the dark knight will be hiding in the shadows. Because the mystical land does not exist on one-way streets.
There will be no honour and no glory for fallen heroes.
There will be no tears for the ones blown away, because there'll be no-one left to cry.
There will be no dawn.
You'll pinch yourself and you'll wish it would wake you up from a horrible sleep.
The tangled labyrinth will envelop your mind and you'll want to break the shackles.
You will feel suffocated by your own heavy breathing.
It will be a journey with no destination.
It will be a nightmare with no end.

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