Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quest for Questions

All I want is to remain silent.
Why is that so hard to believe?
I don't want my voice to be heard. I don't want to shout it out loud.
They say we get what we deserve.
Is that why Osama has/had the power to terrorize nations?
Is that why John Lennon and Bhagat Singh were killed before their time?
Is that why a man who works from dawn to dusk as a labourer does not get his two square meals?
Is that why girls no more than 10 years old are raped and left to bleed to death?
Is that why Michael Jackson's songs went from "Heal the world" to "They don't really care about us"?
I have questions.
But I haven't yet found the right question.
The answers always were elusive.
But I don't want to ask anybody anything.
I want to remain silent.
Silence may not speak.
But it is ominously comfortimg. Till the time I find the right questions.


  1. Good questions. I believe the answer to your questions are simple.

    Even though there is God, there is also the devil and the earth is the devil's domain. Because God gave man free will, man can be influenced and controlled by the devil. It's why you have some of the situations yo have described.

    There will come a time when the devil will be exiled into the lake of fire for eternity and God's people will be comforted.

  2. God? Do you honestly believe a Supreme Being exist? Someone who created man and nature?
    If yes, wouldn't He have known this would happen someday?
    And if He did, isn't this a cruel game to play?
    If he didn't know it would come to this and yet He has what people call the "Supreme Power", shouldn't He intervene NOW?
    there are far too many questions Dave...and to answer them all either both God and the devil together are not enough....

    thanks for the comment though....guess i'm just a cynic,huh?

  3. wonderful...nice work ....appreciated...