Thursday, October 9, 2008


i see him standing blocking my way out
i see him flash his lecherous grin
i know its another night of pain for me
and i know tonight i pay for my sins

he comes towards me as i lay paralysed
i see him slowly unclench his fists
i see venom dripping from his eyes
as he slowly wets his lips

i scream but i know its of no use
i cry and i yell for all i'm worth
but tonight's the night i lose
my faith in goodness on this earth

"stop", i plead and beg for mercy
"it hurts", i say and fall to the floor
"no use bitch" is all i hear
as i try to make a dash for the door

he reveals the weapon he so loves
and i shudder at the very size of it
and as it pierces my tender skin
it gives me an ecstatic hit

i hate myself for loving the effect
as he cleans the injection of my blood
he whispers "i'll be back for ur dose tomorrow"
"yes i'll be back till ure hooked on drugs"

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