Saturday, October 11, 2008

Haircuts and Phone Calls

Got yet another haircut today.
Each time I'm feeling low, the only thing that really helps to make me feel better is a haircut. Of course, a bad one only makes my mood worse. But thats another story.
Today while getting my hair blow-dried I thought about things that I was not allowing myself to think of. And I came out of the parlour looking and feeling better, temporarily so.

On to the next topic for the day.
I realized today people are better than I give them credit for.
I may be a cynic but I don't want to believe in a fantasy world.
That reminds me. Almost two years back, there was this guy by the name of Rohan I made friends with. While we never talked anything that made much sense and don't talk at all now, there were somethings he said right before we stopped corresponding that makes a lot of sense to me now that I think of it.
He said I live in a bubble and once that bubble pops I'll see what the world is really like and that all people are not inherently nice.
I have to admit now that he was right.
The bubble has burst. Life ain't what I thought it would be like. Neither are people.
But then, nor am I.

A friend I talked to today confirmed my worst fears about the kind of person I am.
It may not be easy on the ears, but sometimes the truth is all you want to hear.

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