Thursday, October 9, 2008


I sometimes wonder
and I sometimes reflect
Things once obscure
don't seem that way anymore
I am now more patient
I know I'm at peace
So why do those thoughts
Come back to haunt me?
I didn't mean to kill her
I didn't think I really could
But the moment she screamed
I knew I would
I didn't mean to kill him
But he screamed too
Couldn't stand the sight of blood
Will you blame me for that too?
Blood is natural
Pain is pure
That's all I ever wanted to prove
That's all I wanted to show
If they had been patient
If they could bear a little more
They would have joined me
And we'd be happy forever more
But they were children
So I guess I can't complain
I tried it on their mother
I was sure she'd understand
I thought she would care
She called the men in the white coats
And they took me away again
Why couldn't they appreciate
The beautiful colour that flows in our veins
Why is it everytime I discover beauty
They lock me up again

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