Monday, November 28, 2011


The spark that fizzled out before its time
The jewel that nobody wore because it lost its shine
The night that passed by without any mystery
The moment that was miraculous but didn't quite make history
The blood that spilled without a reason
The chill that was cursed because it wasn't the season
The shoes that never found the right feet
The friends that drifted because there was never enough time to meet
The words that weren't spoken for fear of one
The bruises that didn't heal because you were scared to have fun
The colleague you didn't help because it wasn't your job
The sunshine you missed because it was always too hot
The perfume you didn't wear because it was for special days
The lover you secretly long for since you went your own ways
The souvenir you saved that doesn't amount to much anymore
The journey you didn't make because you were afraid of a closed door

A bit was lost and a lot was gained
Time may have passed but you may have failed.


  1. "Time may have passed but you may have failed." - love the line

  2. Still treading the line between insanity and brilliance arent you?
    you havent lost your fire one bit in all these years. still a pleasure reading your work