Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time Paradox

Having completed the first quarter of my life with amazing ease (..NOT!!!) , here I am wondering if the rest of my life is going to be anything like the first 27 years of my life.
It might sound like a "time paradox ( in the words of Deputy Jughead Jones)" but the reason why my now is difficult is because my past was easy and the reason why my past was easy is because my present at that time was difficult, making it seem easy now because the past is no more here.
If its hard to understand, read it once again...go on...its really not that difficult...but I did say its a paradox, didn't I? So how could it be easy??
Jughead & January would be proud of me....

1 comment:

  1. There again :) Past is easy because the present of the past was difficult :D

    I wouldn't agree more for I devoted many of my posts to this topic :)


    That is if you want to read :)