Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am am Indian Woman....

I am an Indian.
I am a woman.
I am an Indian woman who is not shocked at the recent beatings a few women took in Mangalore yesterday just because they were in a Pub , at the hands of a few men who called themselves members of the "Shri Ram Sena"...
I am an Indian woman who has been pampered, protected and fussed over all my life.
I am an Indian woman who reads the morning newspaper and is not appalled by the frequency of rape acquittals in my country.
I am the Indian woman who carries a Pepper Spray in her handbag whenever she has to go a distance.
I am an Indian woman who has female friends who have been abused at a tender age.
I am an Indian woman who reads about honour killings in the newspaper and feels disgusted, helpless and bewildered...but forgets about them in a weeks' time anyhow.
I am an Indian woman who is afraid of taking part in mass rallies and protests in my State because the Punjab Police has been known to molest female participants there and with no accountability.
I am the Indian woman who is apprehensive while standing in long queues and in concerts because she has had her behind pinched by a stranger at some point of time, only to look at a sea of seemingly innocent faces when she turned around...
I am the Indian woman who does not give much credibility to Indian men.
I am an Indian woman who is afraid of wedlock because I don't believe education has made our men restrain from domestic violence.
I am the Indian woman who wants just one day when she can say "I am an Indian woman" and be proud of it, without having to push all these things from her mind.
I am proud to be an Indian.
I am proud to be a woman.
I am not proud to be an Indian woman.


  1. Well..
    I saw this INDIAN woman who was portraying her "helplessness".

    Nice choice of words though.

    But i know a few INDIAN women who decided one day to stand and defend other women.

    They decided to sit for the IPS.
    They went in.
    They made an effort to change.
    They didn't crib.

    I wonder when the INDIAN women will come out of her "psychological helplessness".

    Yell! And people will listen.
    Yell! Till deaf ears start feeling the noice on their ear drums.
    Yell! but DONT crib.

  2. We, the Indian women, have come a long way. We sit for IPS, we stand up against injustice, we speak and write and make our opinions be heard.
    But when we go out late at night, we need an escort. When we go out of the house, we check to c whether the hemline of our skirt is not too high or or neklines not too low. When we speak out, they say we crib.
    After an eternity of having men leer at us and feeling like a piece of meat being drooloed over by hungry dogs, we are told our "helplessness" is "psychological".
    If we have to yell to make our voice be heard in a free country, we have the right to speak against it.
    And when we do speak against it, we are told we "crib!"

  3. nice way of articulating yourself...i couldnt resist myself to comment..

    indian women..
    despite of staying in a male dominated environment, despite of being physcially , mentally and socially harrassed by the society , gave birth to Human civilisation
    gave birth to rama,gautama,buddhha ,vivekanda and everyone..
    nd in modern days...in modern environment.
    we got kiran bedi,bechendri pal,sarojni naidu nd moreover..
    SONIA GANDHI..& INDIRA GANDHI..(ruled india)
    even the 1st citizen is a female.rite?
    & the acts of shri ram sene..to gain momentum just before election r fussed..u r suppose to know the consequents.rite?
    women is the potential of every civilization
    women mould their family
    women provides stability
    women nourish each one by its thoughts...

    so my dear..though we r a male dominated..
    but in modern era..even u r using your right to freedom nd articulate urself...
    so each other..if they get awareness and education...
    thts y..women reservation bill has been passed & delimitation...rite?

    cheers..m sure my village women r gonna use their fundamental rights..nd india is my village.

    hats off...

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  5. why are you proud to be an indian?

  6. @Pankaj
    I have an almost perfect life....and much of it is attributed to the place where I've been brought up and the people I've met along the way.
    I take pride in calling myself an Indian because I am educated enough to recognise and appreciate the country I belong to...without having to rack my brains to ennumerate the reasons.

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  8. al i ve to say is..atleast this indian woman is glad to read d post...cuz of d way it hz been written :)

    ps: hey natasha...itz isha hea!(ur junior intern

  9. @ Natasha

    Loved ur journey in vision, wisdom and words!
    Amazed me at every notion! So could not stop myself to follow u...perhaps..wish to c more of ur churing thought!

    Btw: I'm I.n.....I.N.T.E.G.R.A.T.E.D!

    luv yeah..
    Keep the spark Alive..