Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Matter of Numbers

I turned 28 earlier this year in the month of January.
Being 16 was easier, being 10 even more so.
But 28? That's one hell of a bad number for someone who is unattached by choice and unemployed by chance.
Sure, it might seem like a cakewalk and just another milestone 5 years down the line but that's a horrible way of undermining the current series of upheavals (and thus excitement) in life at this time.
Now that my academic education is (finally) over, the next step naturally is to actively search for suitable employment opportunities. The keyword here is "suitable", please.
Two professional degrees (B.Tech and MBA) later, you tend to be unreasonably confident of your capabilities. Which is perhaps my biggest fault (ok not biggest, but big enough)!
Been travelling to Delhi/NCR back and forth looking for a  job that would appeal to both my wallet and my knowledge. Met some nice people and some oversmart ones in the process.
I remember writing in my previous post that I don't believe the world is either "big" or "bad". Well. life decided to give me a reality check.
And guess what? I stand by what I said earlier.
It's a beautiful, welcoming world out just need to open your eyes and not tread on forbidden land. Hey, that's only fair now, right?
Sure, the job that you want may not fall into your lap right away, but would you appreciate something you didn't work hard for?
I know it sounds like bullshit, but it really isn't. I don't have a job to speak of, so I don't exactly fall into the category of  its-easy-for-them-to-say people.
All I'm saying is you gotta keep the faith. Things will fall into place soon enough, sooner if not later.
I remember my sister once told me that in India, two things that will happen to you regardless of what you are like are 1) a job and 2) a wedding.
May be a bit of an exaggeration but not entirely untrue.
Now the first part made me feel happy. The second part only reminded me that my family expects me to settle down soon enough.
I'm the worst victim of commitment phobia you'll see around.
See, life's great. I wouldn't want to change something I feel I wouldn't be comfortable with.
Sure, love has happened to me. And I have considered possibilities. In all seriousness.
But getting married is not something I can imagine myself doing in the near future.
And that is not entirely a selfish decision you know. My getting married would be almost blasphemous for my would-be-husband (whoever that dear darling man is)!
Maybe that is an excuse I give myself, but my argument remains the same- why must I try and convince myself that I consciously WANT to settle down, when I know that I really don't?
Ah...28! You're a tough one...but I'd hate to see you end. 29 just sounds so much older and closer to (shudder) 30!!


  1. Chronological age is just a number. Every stage in life has wonderful possibilities, fantastic adventure and passionate attachments to issues, causes, ideas,people even individuals. Life is beautiful gets better with age.

  2. : awasum... !! and i abosl.aggree the yur frend here aswel... !!!

  3. Girl, your adventure can't end. Remember UP? It went on :)

    Meanwhile all you tread is a path of wonderful memories. Don't you think all this experiences count? Making right choices on own's backing? Keep you book open and scribble all your bits everyday! Someone would pay you the wage soon enough for creating the graffiti :P

  4. 28 is a tough one indeed. I'll be turning 29 in a month! I have a similar situation as you. Unemployed by chance, engaged by choice. Life is funny! Love the title of your entry. Pride and Prudence! FTW! What inspired you to pick up that title?

  5. Thanks Paolo :)
    Pride and Prudence is what my life is all about...apart from impetuosness, native stupidity, tantrums galore and a whole lot of emotions nobody ever bothered to put a name to. But yes, Pride and Prudence dominate...hence, the title. Thanks for swinging by my blog post :)

  6. The good thing about turning thirty is that you're not worried about turning 30 anymore.