Sunday, December 21, 2008

Passion and Prejudice

So here are the two sides of the coin..

Side 1:

Always be on your guard. Do not serve all your feelings on a silver platter for the world to kick away. It's better to be careful than to be disappointed. Believe in retribution. Do unto others what they do to u (grammatical shit). Never initiate anything that might backfire. Think before you speak. Think again befor you act. Think yet again before u laugh.

Side 2:

Be yourself. Just yourself.

I think I'll stick to the second side. I'll continue being the impetuous, irresponsible 17 year old who refuses to grow up. I cannot kill my passion for life. I guess I'll just have to wait till life kills me.


  1. Life is a funny game in the hindsight! Retribution? Silver Platter of Feelings?

    And how do we account for "Survival of Fittest"?

    Grammar of life is learnt by being yourself!

    P.S. Me likes this post veeeeerrrrrryyyyy much :)

  2. ah..the old jungle rule,huh?
    you're not fit enough to survive till the time you are admittedly in your own element.
    thank you for dropping by my blog...