Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dedicated to my Family & Friends

It feels good. Really. Spent the first quarter of my life (i'm gonna live to be a 100) evolving,learning, falling, getting up, getting hurt, loving, getting love, hurting some.....and being myself..just myself all along.
There were some who saw only my shortcomings..there were some who overlooked those shortcomings.....and then, there were a few ppl like you. You acknowledged my shortcomings. You like me not inspite of my follies..but with them...maybe even because of them. You not only accepted me into your life, but welcomed me!
You knew i was far from perfect. Way too mean to be good...way too dense to be sharp. You knew i cared even though i sometimes acted difficult. You stood by me even when i knew i was wrong--gently steering me in the right direction. you were patient when i felt my sanity hang by a thread.
I don't say it often enough..but i love you. I don't bind myself to freedom is precious to me..but that doesen't mean i don't appreciate you.

Like me for what i am
Not for what you want me to be
Hate me for what i am
Not for what you believe me to be
Forgive me for what i did
Not for what u think i do
Leave me if u must
But not because i'm not like you

Stay only if u want
Not because i put up a fight
Say only what u mean
Not whatever sounds right
You ask what u mean to me
And i say you're my family n my foe
I may sound a bit confused
But u are equally unsure

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